the Detector

Advanced Distributed Gunfire Detection

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Peace of Mind

Never come home to a dark house again. Be alerted when doors or windows are opened. Close that garage door while you are away. iminate does all of this and more. Alerts can be as simple as turning on a lamp, changing the color of a back light, or even sending a text or e-mail to your smart phone.


iminate makes life easier. Add a light switch where you’ve always wanted one. Group lights together to be controlled with a single button – and dim together. Even group different things for one-touch control: arm your security system, lock your doors, turn off lights, turn on other lights, change the temperature… with the touch of one “good-night” button.


The energy savings from iminate can offset the initial cost of the system in as little as one year. Knowing your energy costs in real time allows you to make informed decisions.

total lighting mastery

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security in mind

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