the Sensor

the Sensor is designed to attach to any door or window. It can sense whether a door or window is open or closed and activate a scene or notify you in the app. 2 AAA batteries power the Sensor for easy use.

  • $44.95 MSRP
  • Automatically turn on your lights
  • Know if you left a window up or the door open
  • Truly wireless

Easy Installation

Truly wireless, the Sensor installs easily onto any flat surface such as a door or window using a non-marking adhesive strip.

Movement Detection

Get notified when a door or window opens or activate a scene.

Remote Access

Never worry if you left the garage door up or the window open ever again. Check the iminate app to see the status of your sensors from your mobile device.

Truly Wireless

the Sensor is powered by 2 AAA batteries allowing you to place it on any window or door.

Secure Architecture

Network security is a concern; especially as more and more devices are connected to the Internet. iminate has robust patent-pending security protocols built-in. Every device performs a self exam every few minutes; if anything is amiss, the device will report the issues and take corrective actions including removing any local malware.



	5-12v DC or battery pack

Wireless Communication

	WI-Fi 802.11, 2.4GHz
	Bluetooth BLE