the Detector

the Detector's unusual delta shape allows it to fit perfectly into the corner of your room. Tie it to your lighting and you can make sure the room is lit as soon as you enter. You can also use it to alert you when someone has entered the room or made a loud noise such as a broken window.

  • $54.95 MSRP
  • Automatically turn on your lights
  • Get alerts when someone enters
  • Battery pack available for easy installation

Easy Installation

the Detector comes with a special bracket designed to mount in a ceiling corner with only one screw. It features break-away tabs for mounting on a flat surface such as a ceiling or wall.

Motion Detector

The Detector has proprietary Passive infraRed (PiR) circuitry to detect motion in an area. The sensitivity is adjustable from your smartphone during setup to get it just right for your application. This reduces false alerts and provides a way to make allowances for pets.

Remote Access

Check on the status of your rooms from anywhere in the world with the free iminate app for iOS and Android.

Versatile Power

the Detector can powered with a wire or with the battery pack.

Secure Architecture

Network security is a concern; especially as more and more devices are connected to the Internet. iminate has robust patent-pending security protocols built-in. Every device performs a self exam every few minutes; if anything is amiss, the device will report the issues and take corrective actions including removing any local malware.



	5-12v DC or battery pack

Wireless Communication

	WI-Fi 802.11, 2.4GHz
	Bluetooth BLE